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    Quick question: Was wondering if anybody has had any success using Zubsolv, either as a quick taper or maintenance med. I was
    given (well, I paid the good doctor a tidy sum first!) a script for it last year and still can't bring myself to start taking it. Which brings
    me to my next question: will the meds still work? They are in a blister pak. Thank you.
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    Well Zubsolv is same as buprenorphine and there are plenty of success stories of either ORT and tapering with buprenorphine.

    Most drugs will have expirary date either on package or in the blisters. Year is a short time for drug to be out of date.
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    It's the same as bupe just made by a different company. Should work fine. Take all the precautions you would for bupe when inducting to avoid precipitated withdrawal
    Addicted? Want to stop? We can help! Come to the sober living forum!
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    Thank you for the quick replies! I am trying to psyche myself up for detoxing this weekend. I have a couple extra days off for the 4th of July holiday and I don't know when I will have a chunk of
    time like this again. I hope five days is enough to stabilize on the Zub and get myself back to work. I'm so tired of this and yet that fear of being in withdrawal is a motherf#cker. I know I have to lay off
    the heroin before induction. If not now....when?!? Anyway, thanks and this site is awesome. I've been a lurker for years.
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    Just thought I'd mention, I was on zubsolv for about a year. I've also tried brand-name suboxone and generics...honestly I never found a difference among those options, in terms of efficacy.
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    I recently switched from subutex to zubsolv & want to encourage you, it CAN work. I was a heavy, but functioning, opiate user. I allowed myself to go until WD for 24 hours, took the bupe and was able to function normally within two days.
    It?s a weird time, just allowing the fog to lift...going from high to not throughout life, but it is doable.
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    Wonder how lovemissle's 4th of July detox that this old thread is seeing life again.
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    ^if she’s still around, I doubt they’d mind a friend pm checking in if you are so inclined
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    Ms. Lovemissile is still around and struggling, as is par for the course in her life. Got myself a couple days off from work with good intentions of kicking. And so far the only progress I have made is in
    depleting my bank account a bit more. Its all about the anxiety for me. After so many years of addiction, I feel like the main reason I use heroin is for its antidepressant effects. So, if I can ever kick
    this stuff, I will need to go back on depression and anxiety meds. Thanks to anyone who checked in. Really appreciate it.
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