Thread: Dysphoria or Feeling Weird After Panic/Anxiety Attack

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    Dysphoria or Feeling Weird After Panic/Anxiety Attack 
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    Hey I was just wondering if anyone else has felt a noticeable change in their mood for the next few days after a panic attack?

    I had never had a panic attack in my life until two days ago. I was shaking, my heart was racing, and I thought I was having a seizure/dying. Since then I have felt unmotivated, quiet, and afraid. The day after I had a panic attack as well and today I almost had one again, but was able to calm down by petting my dog. I have found myself unable to enjoy cannabis since the panic attack, which is very strange for me as I am a daily smoker, I've also lost motivation to do the things I normally enjoy. I don't know if the panic attack was caused by the cannabis, but I believe it played a part as each time I've smoked this specific batch I can't use much and I get in a weird head space. I can't stress enough how strange this is, I have a very large tolerance to cannabis. I've dabbed entire grams before and taken 1000mg edibles so it's not the quantity of the cannabis.

    TL;DR: Is it normal to feel "out of it" after a panic attack?

    Edit: I wish I could get benzos to help with this, but I am afraid of the rebound anxiety they might cause. Also I used benzos recreationally in the past so I don't want to go back to that time
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    This I haven't heard of, but I can imagine that, especially how you describe it, it can take a toll. That would follow, hmm?

    A lot of people smoke daily for years and years without issue, then one day freak out and it never becomes like it used to. I'd tread softly if you want to use it again, but can't say it's a good idea to do so at all.

    Benzos will not help. They might mask some of the issue, but in the end, things become that much more tied up and complicated. A breathing technique or meditation is significantly more healthy. And abstinence with any substance associated with that attack. It's your health, and even sanity, after all.
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