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    Help with navigating and problem solving 
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    I am new here, though I'm an older, relatively experienced person.

    I have already posted in a few areas I saw could help me with my "issues", and I also introduced myself, though I haven't gotten any type of response from any of the posts I've commented on.

    I know I have to be patient, I just want to make sure my settings are right, I made the selections to receive email notifications...
    I posted here, in hopes of finding the "correct" home, so thanks in advance!

    In general I am here (I also use my Dr. and recently a neurologist, but no orthodox treatments help at all) to help resolve the headaches and pain coupled with major complications on being able to think clearly...
    I feel concussed, my ears ring painfully, and I just have low energy and stuck in the mud.
    Antidepressants only make matters worse and cause WDs.
    Vyvanse helps a tad with concentration, but is zero help for feeling any better.
    I used to use meth and it did actually provide me with a lot of relief, but I burned up all my chances with possession and manufacturing charges when I was younger.

    I listen to a lot of helpful podcasts (like JRE) that help me (along with my awesome wife) hang on to hope for a solution.
    Extreme fitness and nutrition have been some of the only things that make symptoms almost manageable.

    It has been many many years, but I had a lot of positive experiences with psychedelics when I was younger, and I really believe this will be one of the keys to some kind of breakthrough.

    One of the reasons I came here (not to source) is to eventually make friends and earn trust for someone to help me learn where to start and how to successfully navigate the dark web and bitcoins.
    Everytime my wife and I try we strike out at some point, and I've heard it should be relatively simple to at least get started in the right direction to finding places whwere harm is reduced from peer comments and reviews... I'm willing to keep putting in work and lending help where "I" can to gain the knowledge I need to help me start finding solutions or eliminating options to eventually find relief fom the conditions I'm living in.
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    Basic Drug Discussion
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    If you have a specific question or concern, go ahead and post here and we can move it to the appropriate forum.
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