Thread: Been Given A Few CBD Capsules (advice needed)

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    Been Given A Few CBD Capsules (advice needed) 
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    Okay im a long term user of smoking bud, mostly quite high grade. Now a friend of mines wife is very ill with cancer and he has gotten hold of some cbd capsules, had them tested and come back as high quality but he knows very little about cannabis/CBD oil etc so very little was told to me when he passed them to me i was just happy to get some to try.

    The person he bought them off said they are for putting directly up my arse lol. i havent ever used anything that required this, i just want to confirm if anyone has had these sort of capsules and would it be possible to use the oil from inside the capsule to vape ?
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    Hey Inc3pti0n!

    Don’t mess with the Zohan! See that Adam Sandler movie? In that movie Adam starred as a Zohan which is an Isrealie version of our Navy Seals, a very powerful fighting unit, and he was tired of all the killing and quit to become a hairdresser in New York City. Those CBD’s you got and wanna try may be very powerful like the Zohan, but they may have no effect on you or may fuck you up BIG TIME!

    I’m not trying to scare you and in all probability, they’ll probably have no effect on you what so ever, BUT...


    OK, I just had to say it. Now, if you’re still reading and not as immature, immoral and as foolish as you sound and want some answers, here they are.

    The reason some pills are taken up the ass is because they will dissolve in your asshole and go right into your bloodstream for an instant powerful effect. If you swallow these kinds of pills the acid in your stomach can break them down and render them useless. So if you really wanna try some stolen medication off your friend’s cancer ridden wife, then stick them up you ass and see what will happen.

    Like I said, probably nothing. So give them back to your friend and tell him, not ask him, to return them to his wife. Aside from trying to be a nice person, you’d be doing her a favour because high quality CBD’s are VERY expensive.

    Even though a CBD can be super expensive and “high quality” however, that doesn’t mean it’s gonna do a thing for you. Most people know zilch about CBD’s, especially the young high school-dropout adults working for minimum wage at a CBD dispensary. A dispensary may sell “high quality” CBD’s but they’re probably useless to most people. To have any positive effect on an illness, they are tailor made—not only for the specific illness they are trying to treat, but for the individuals with the illness themselves.

    High quality CBD’s are extracted directly for the Cannabis Buds and contain a combination of THC and CBD and work synergistically together in the correct proportions to have the correct desired effects on whatever illness they aim to treat. Highest quality CBD’s however, are tailor made by taking the pure THC extract and the pure CBD extract separately and then combining them back together in the correct proportions. After treatment is started, the patient taking them and the care giver delivering them must work together in communication so that the oils can be tweaked and adjusted to gradually achieve the perfect mix for the patient. A little too much or too little of either the THC or CBD combinations can minimize or even negate any positive effects. A person taking CBD’s to treat their migraines can have a very helpful positive effect for example, but do they know that with proper adjustments, they could actually be PERMANENTLY CURED of their migraines?
    CBD’s meant to be taken up the ass, should be taken up the ass. Taking CBD capsules apart for vaping so that anal insertion can be avoided will water down the effects because you’ll never get ALL the oil out of the capsules.

    So taking stolen CBD capsules intended for cancer patients whether by vaping and sticking them up your ass for a thrill, would be a useless waste of the medicine.

    At my new lab we’re designing a CBD oil especially made for thrill seekers like you. I’m a thrill seeker too and that’s why I’m doing it. But unlike you I won’t steal another person’s medication to get my thrills. What we’re trying to do (and we’re already very close!), is to product a “recreational” CBD that is THC dominant CBD passive and the effects of taking it will be like an amazing LSD high without any “bad trips” or shaky “come-downs”. I can’t wait!

    We have an “underground” black market 3 to 4000 plant production facility mainly for recreational Buds. But we’ve devoted a portion of our greenhouses and indoor grow units specially for strains that will be used specifically for CBD production. Get back to me if you wanna try some for free and I’ll let you be one of our test subjects so you won’t have to steal shit.

    The key to producing the perfect Bud for CBD production believe it or not, is in the trimming!


    Because bladed trimming machines and even the hand-trimming process STRIPS a lot of the powerful THC and CBD resins off the Buds either by sticking to the blades of other auto-trimmers or to the gloves of hand trimmers. That is why with up to 4000 plants to trim, we use only ONE brand of auto-trimmer. We have 5 of them and they’re called a, “Toms Tumble Trimmer”. This is the ONLY auto-trimmer on the market today I’ve found that can trim that amount of Bud fast, and STILL leave 99% of the resin on our Buds for extraction. Ironically its also the cheapest high quality one on the market that never breaks down or need time-consuming maintenance.

    All the trim we collect under our TTT machines we use mainly for bubble hash and only a very small percentage we reserve for an intentionally “weak” medicinal CBD oil to test on treating Lupus cause my girlfriend has Lupus. I say this only to warn all those planning to lay down some major cash on CBD oils to really really check out where they’re buying them from because most CBD’s are made from trim or shake and run through extraction machines to produce absolute junk! So only get your CBD’s from a trusted source, and the only way you can trust a source, is to do your research and due diligence!

    Hope this helps ya’all!

    Keen For Green
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