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    How can I thwart tolerance? 
    I am using mmj for various arthritic and neuromuscular conditions. My stomach is shot from ibuprofen and my tolerance to pain meds occurs in days. So mmj it is.

    It took three months of smoking only at night, to reach tolerance. When I could smoke an entire joint and vape 250mg of concentrate and not feel a thing but bummed, it was time for a break.

    So I am on day 5 of mj withdrawal. Insomnia, heart flutters, can't eat at all, coughing, sweats, and stomach upset. It gets better daily. It's cake compared to sub or benzoes at least!

    After this is over, I need to find a way to make this work. My condition demands relief at least four nights a week, worse with humidity, and now it's monsoon season.

    Any suggestions, other than jumping in a lake, are welcome. I will miss my Girl Scout Cookies and Green Crack...
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    Yeah that's a tough sitatiuon when you are smoking for chronic pain/conditions.

    Unfortunately there isn't much you can do, at least that I know of, short of taking a break or smoking less. Smoking only what you need and no more definitely helps keep tolerance down. Like I can easily sit there and smoke a whole joint, but I notice after about 1/4 of the way through I'm not really getting much higher. So only smoking on the nights that you need would help, but might not be entirely practical with all things considered.

    depending on your area, I'd say start growing. Growers usually sell their product for profit at less than 50% of what dispensaries charge, meaning once you get established you will be producing your own medicine for a fraction of the cost. Yeah, basically saying smoke more rather than less.. lol. Lots a benefits to growing if you can handle the risk. Def not advocating breaking laws either..
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    You should be using lower doses generally for truly therapeutic/medical reasons. A dose that just barely gets you buzzed has been proven in studies to relieve pain much better than knocking yourself on your ass, and I've found I can keep an essentially nonexistent tolerance if I don't keep trying to get higher every time I get high.
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    CBD doesn't have noticeable withdrawal and might relieve your arthritis and neuromuscular conditions.
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    My mate reckons benadryl every day or so cut bit tolerance down a fair bit after a while and he still smoked to.
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