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    My Best Friend 
    You were there when I was sad to lift me up high you were there when I cried sitting at Night by my side you were there through the real Lonesome nights you were there when she almost lost her life through thick and through thin you were there all the time you made me so happy when life went awry my heart was so full when you came into my life then in the blink of an eye it all went good bye at first it was White Lies to get around being high then came selling my things just so I could get by well money comes and goes in ways Justified it starts with your friends as you say goodbye then comes alienating your family for just one more High you lie cheat and steal for a bag no bigger than a line then think damn I just wasted my money a day at a time
    Now years have gone by and I'm still getting high my body is sick and so is my mind time you go away but not so easy this time my body aches and it twitches and I convulse all the time my hands shake like an old person waiting to die I go get a bag waiting hours sometimes leaving my job to get you makes me lie all the time I've lost all my possessions to pawn shops from this guy my heart was so full when you came into my life then in the blink of an eye it all went goodbye at the end of this journey it all seems to begin the end of years of abuse to myself have gone by in a few nights but the pain wasn't worth the short-lived High your name is heroin you're really tough guy but I beat your ass for the second time this is the last you'll see of this special guy my sobriety comes first now that you've no place to hide this sicknesses is my remembrance of how I almost died well sorry you bag of shit you're no friend of mine
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    Thank you for sharing x
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