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    I keep having these dreams 
    Hey all,

    As they say, your dreams are often the subconcious trying to tell us something..

    For me i regularly have the same dreams. The first one is me getting frustrated about my job, going to great lengths to get peoples opinions about what I should do with my career in the dream. I'll feel like Im stuck in that job and show great interest to move on throughout the dream. But not actually making progress.

    The second dream I get is about meeting up in school with my classmates to discuss where we are in life now. I feel a sense of dissapointment to find out everyone has moved on and im stuck in the same place.

    My job is pretty low paid but very easy and not stressful. Are my dreams telling me I need to leave though? I have wanted to leave for quite some time (been there 5 years now), but I became unwell last year which i feel has prevented me from doing so.

    Does anyone else get recurring dreams?
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    Check out the dream thread in L.A.V.A.

    As for changing jobs, are you unhappy?

    I'm kinda in the same situatuon but I love my job. Not because it's easy, it is physically and sometimes emotionally taxing but I love it.

    You say you've wanted to leave. What is preventing you?

    What would you like to do? Is it possible to go back to school?
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    I lve struggled with some mental health issues the past year so havent felt stsble enough to make the leap. Before this happened i was job hunting.

    Im a musician so thats where id like to be.

    I feel like on the surface i am telling myself that i love the job but subconciously its not satisfying me..
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    Dreams usually are things that you create on yourself, an e.g - situations/thoughts. Something else would be lets say.. if you refer to a - see life before - kinda thing, its possible tho but nothing to be concerned. As for job, again is on yourself, you can also go in streets and start some nice shits. Start loving yourself and you will be perfectly fine with u
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