Thread: Hello from the great white north fellow Bluelighters

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    Hello from the great white north fellow Bluelighters 
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    surrey, B.C Canada
    Thanks for the add! I love the fact that there are boards/ people like this now....let me the last year to year and a half I have started dipping my toes into....alright maybe the whole leg sometimes....into the recreational(for me)party favour arena.
    Before that I hadn't done anything stronger than herbs and beer for almost 20 years....Jesus...20 years...well shit, where the hell did that huge chunk of my life go?..Hence the starting again We spend a long time dead, so we better get living..
    ok, where was i....oh ya. a year and a half ago, dipping toes/, my DOC is crack...oh yes you dirty conniving bi*tch you....but I have recently been introduced to a distant cousin of hers....Meth. I will be posting about my first and consecutive experiences for those of you that like myself find themselves wide eyed and bushy tailed for 2-3 might just put you to sleep. You've been pre .................................................. ...shit...I wandered off there again didn't I? O.k. enough of this frivolity...
    So, long story short, I did a shitload of whatever I could get my hands on as a young virile man. I then met a girl, got married, had kids..stopped indulging ,..etc,..etc. fast forward to a year or so are all growed up, divorced, slowly realizing that I had a lot of life left to live so I'm going to do what makes me happy and have fun. I really have to stop babbling here....
    I'll finish this up with-
    What I like/use/take..whatever we call it....crack, meth (as of today only smoke it) G, and probably my favourite, a blast from my past, here'sssssssss MDMA!!!!!WOOT WOOT!
    I lay my head in British Columbia , Canada ..EH...(I thought that would be a vague enough location to not get my first pee pee smack from a mod.)
    I am 50 years old...51 next month,
    Alright my fingers are sore now...goddamn 1 finger pick and peck typing..
    I look forward to having some amazing discussions with some of you and also reading what you pour out of your hearts and heads as we watch numerous sunrises together.
    Cheers folks
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    Welcome Sargemac! Your energy put a smile on my face and I look forward to seeing your posts and hearing your story!
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