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    Orally / snorted equivalence of methylphenidate 
    I usually snort methylphenidate because orally is very soft for me. One tablet of IR 20mg methylphenidate if I take it orally I don't notice it but if I snort it I feel it fully. Right now I have had 40mg orally of IR methylphenidate. How much methylphenidate must I take orally to have the same effect than 20mg snorted?
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    I have had 40mg orally of IR methylphenidate and I don't notice more than awake. How much is an oral recreational dose?
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    I had trouble finding the bioavailability numbers for snorted methylphenidate (MPH) but the oral bioavailability is said to be between 11%-50%. In my experience i would say oral is probably about 1/3 as strong as snorted MPH.

    The problem is that when you take MPH orally it comes on much slower, this makes it feel like you aren't as high as when you snort it.

    Have you heard of plugging? It's a more healthy option then snorting and it might make you feel as high as snorting. If you are interested there is plenty of information on bluelight about it.
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    The oral BA of methylphenidate is 30% but snorted I don't know. What plugging means?
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    With plugging you mean the rectal ROA? Introduce it by my ass?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafayte View Post
    With plugging you mean the rectal ROA? Introduce it by my ass?
    If is rectal ROA or introduce the drug in my ass I prefer snort. Tonight I have had it orally because I haven't cigars and if I snort it I need a cigar to smoke just after. I took 40mg orally, later I snorted a line of 20mg because I had a cigar of yesterday and after it I took 50mg orally
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    It is 6:10 and I have no sleep, I must wait four hours to can buy cigars
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    Right now I had 40mg orally IR methylphenidate. I am waiting to can buy cigars and snort it
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    Soon my girlfriend will bring me cigars and I will snort a line of 20mg smoking after a cigar. I have had 80mg orally in less than 15 minutes. I am awake, alert, focused, with positive mood and a higher capacity for attention and concentration
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    I yet have snorted a dose of 20mg methylphenidate and I am smoking a delicious cigar after snort
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    raf, may i suggest you stick all these posts into your methylphenidate medley thread?

    or maybe search for the methylphenidate mega-thread and add to it there?

    as has been said before this is a forum for harm reduction questions, and if you're just posting over and over about what you have already taken maybe a blog would be more suitable, since it makes us look like we're promoting "what should i take" style conversation.

    i'm not a mod and not trying to be an asshole, just offering "constructive criticism" as i'd hate to see bluelight devolve into a bunch of value-less threads....
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