Thread: Alprazolam 6mg - first time - purely recreational.

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    Alprazolam 6mg - first time - purely recreational. 
    Before I get started I want to clarify that I took this substance purely recreational, meaning I have no anxiety/panic attacks or anything related to what this drug is supposde to be used for medically

    Substance : Pfizer Xanax retard 2MG. Pill stamping P&U 66 Hexagon shaped. Came sealed in a prescription box, chances are extremely low that these were fake. If u have reason to believe these are fake, give me reasons as to why.

    I took notes of times and my feeling while I was on this substance. I'm writing this two days after and completely sober.

    19:10 Since 'retard' means XR (Extended release) I crushed all my pills. At this time I parachuted around 0.2G of the 0.38G pill ( Around 1.1MG of active substance)
    20:10 Dont feel anything different mentally. Yawning a bit, tiny bit more tired (could be from me just laying on my bed doing nothing). Walking feels fine, nothing out of the ordernary, still energetic if I wanted to be.
    21:35 Crushed up two pills and the left overs from the last pill. Parachuted them all at once.
    22:25 limbs feel looser, vision is still sharp, music sounds the same, can easily chat online without any problems. When walking body feels pretty heavy , seems to get distributed to a bigger area when I lie down as if my entiry body had a little extra weight on it, not really a strong effect just noticable
    22:36 Slight dissorientation/loss of focus just every so slight as if i smoked 0.2grams of weed ( I usually smoke 2-3grams ). Feeling pretty decent overal, not sedated or euphoric in particulair.
    23:38 Don't feel much what I expected, able to discord easily, walking a tiny but slurred, body feels very heavy, typing goes slower and making more mistakes, seem to zone out while typing.

    THIS WAS THE LAST I TYPED WHILE TRIPPING. My whole trip I was on a popular chatting site called discord and I looked back at my last messages. I do not remember anything after around 23:00.

    23:43 The last messages I sent to the person I was talking to were very mistyped and such.
    23:45 Presumely just got knocked out after the last few messages at this time can't find any messages after 23:45.

    Like I said before, I went back to every chat I was in and don't remember saying a lot of stuff after around 23:00.

    Had a fantastic night's sleep though! I usually sleep with no problem at all so it wasn't that special.

    I did not think the effects I had ( barely any ) were worth it. Taking recreational alprazolam is not something I'm going to do again.

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    not very much recreational value to benzos in my opinion - little to no euphoria at all - i always liked them as more of a handy thing to have around. Makes opiates/nodding out better, good for coming down off coke/crack...drinking on them is ridiculous and recipe for blackout but is still fun if youre in that mood lol..great for sleeping...great for public speaking anxiety...but again...pretty damn boring and useless as a recreational drug on its own.
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    Benzodiazepines for recreation = A lot of problems.

    This is my experiencie.

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    Benzos can grow on you so be carefulllll, and as someone who has only done them for recreational purposes 6 mg is alot for a first timer! I've done alot of REALLY dumb things on xanax/klonopin and not remembered a single second of any of it, only to be reminded by extremely angry people the next day. If you want a great experience where you remember things try 1-2mgs and smoke alot of weed on them. Anything past 2 mg on low tolerance will just result in being a "retard" when you yourself feel extremely sober. And by the way sometimes you won't feel any effects so you'll take more, only to be hit like a brick moments later as if you've just drank 14 shots of hard liquor
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    How did you get xans from Thailand lol , you had the light purple ones right? Would love pics if you can get more!
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    I'm amazed you didn't black out worse at that dose, it's huge, and with no tolerance I'd have blacked out 100% for the entire time. Yeah, benzos suck for recreation. They're good for anxiety, short-term. They're insane physically addictive, withdrawal from them lasts a long, long time and can kill you via seizures if you don't slowly taper down.
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