Now I've tried about 5 times to breakthrough on DMT and keep failing haha which is cool it will happen when it happens just going up my dose drastically next time

But I will admit every time I don't break through I get some pretty strange visions in my head, nothing that resembles patterns or shapes but more often than not weird disfigured people, sometimes old people, always really strange bizarre stuff not something I'd think about in day to day life or any other psychedelic it tends to flit between one image to another pretty rapidly as well.

My body feels amazing on the other hand but I rarely seem to enjoy it as much as I'd like because of the weird visuals that I experience, they don't bother me per say got a pretty solid mind in that aspect but they most definitely take away from what could be a magical experience.

Just curious if others have experienced such visuals, on non breakthrough doses, cause I personally find it quite bizarre when almost everything I hear about DMT is it's nutty and awesome fractal patterns and kaleidoscope effects.