Hey, I just joined this place. I go by the name b0n3z. Live and work in NYC TriState area.

I have been around the drug scene for most of my adult life. I came from a somewhat broken home with history of drug abuse, so despite my best intentions to avoid them, it seems I ended up right where I started. "I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me"

MDMA is/was, by far, my favorite substance, but it's been years since I indulged. I started out in the early '00s scene, when there were great pills around (3stack Supermans, Motorolla, Armanis, Omega Reds) and not this powder "molly" rec chemical stuff.

Nowadays, I use Percs/Oxy when it's around, but it is very scarce around these parts. I've used it very liberally but have never had addiction issues. Lately, have been indulging way more in coke, more than I really care to actually. I am having issues with my connection, so that may actually limit my acquisition of said drug.

Figured I'd intro myself; looking forward to reading the content here.