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    Doing cocaine from 2 different sources 
    If I have cocaine that I got from 2 different sources, Iv always made it a point that what ever coke I'm going to do for that night that I only did the coke from 1 source or from the same batch. I never did a line from batch 1 and then an hour later do a line from batch 2. If batch 1 was better quality then batch 2, I didn't want to mix the two and have the lesser quality batch effect the high from the better batch.

    Well earlier this week I got 4 grams of fish scale from my girlfriend that as a whole doesn't seem to be as intense (as far as the numbing, runny nose, smell / taste, the high and how long it lasts) as what would be expected with fish scale. That same night my girlfriend says that she got some fish scale that was a whole lot better then the 4g that I got from her. So the next day we did a gram trade. I gave her a gram of what I had and she gave me a gram of the really good stuff. We split a small line of it and yes it was way better then what I got from her the day before. She suggested that I should try mixing a line with both types of cocaine and see how it does. I told her that I don't mix my cocaine just incase one batch is better then the other I don't want the bad stuff goofing up the high from the good stuff. Iv never mixed cocaine together or gone back and forth from one batch to the other thru out the night. I told her that I could make a line mixed with the two batches and see what happens.

    Would mixing a line of the two batches have any effect on the quality of the high? would the bad stuff cause the good stuff to not be as strong or would it make for a nice good high?

    What do you guys think. Good idea or not so good?
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    Let's say the good stuff is 75% pure with no shit cuts then the worse batch is 30% with a crappy cut, if you have an equal amount of both and get a homogenous mix you are going to get a batch that is 52.5% pure plus the crap cut from the not so good stuff.

    If it were me i would just keep the batches separate. It takes some effort to cut the batches together to the point where you get a good mix with no hotspots. If you don't mix the batches right you could end up having spots where there is lots of really good coke but no bad coke and vice versa. Basically it will make your doses completely unpredictable, you won't get a consistent effect between lines.
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    time to make crack iirc.
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    And that's precisely why I've never mix time my cocaine. For the fact that the Lesser stuff could cause the better stuff to have lesser of an effect.
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