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    Bipolar comorbid ptsd unspecified adult add/adhd 
    24 year old diagnosed bipolar comorbid ptsd and add unspecified. Currently Im prescribed to take a day;

    20mg Lexapro ( just upped from 10 brought on mania and anxiety attacks )
    3mg Klonopin through day
    1mg Ativan for breakthrough anxiety panics
    5mg Abilify
    20mgx2 Amphetamine- salts IR

    I?m on a lot for my age anyone else have a regimen as flexible like mine? My doc gave me two benzos as soon as I got ptsd and she keeps me on Klonopin still for gad as maintenances and the Ativan as the breakthrough Quicky relief. Abilify is LYFE ITSELF TO ME I?ve never felt better lexapro eh you always been there hoe
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    Lemme kno
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    Abilify caused me to begin initial symptoms of akithisia so I had to discontinue.

    Best of luck it can be difficult. I'm also on Vyvanse 40mgs.
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    i've been smoking marijuana for mental illness.
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    No mood stabilizer like Lamictal? Your meds otherwise look good to me. We have the same diagnoses. Same meds except no Ativan (just Klonopin), Plus I take Wellbutrin and Lamictal. I have some other anxiety disorders, in addit to PTSD. Oh, I take Geodon instead of Abilify.
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    ^None of us here are vetted doctors, just to clarify.

    Weed is rarely used to efficacy for mental illness.

    Have you wondered if you need such high doses of Adderall in concert with the Ativan and Klonopin dosage? Have you asked your doctor if it's feasible to reduce, by schedule of the doctor, both of them slowly? Or perhaps reducing Adderall and seeing if you can use meditation/calming techniques to deal with the discontinuation of Ativan, and ultimately what it was meant to be used for? I only state because much of the time, people taking an upper and a downer would do just as well reducing both. Meditation could additionally directly improve your attention.
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