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    Fairly New, from Upstate New York 
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    Hello, all from New York State!

    I discovered BL earlier this year and decided to immediately join as all kinds of drugs and the drug culture/industry has always fascinated me. It wasn't until recently I decided to post...

    I know I must be beating a dead horse here, but I believe in using most (and if not most all) drugs for medical and recreational purposes, if they can be done so responsibly and safely.

    Anyway, I've done and enjoy most drugs, but I think my top three are marijuana, alcohol and cocaine. Had a liking for opiate pills several years ago but the withdrawals from them were bad enough to make me quit. Was hooked on the ADHD meds I was prescribed to as well, taking at least 200 mg of Concerta daily until it was (rightfully) taken away.

    Well, I hope to grow on here and meet new and awesome people along the way!


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    Hi suki. Welcome =)

    Glad you came here to introduce yourself.

    I was on 54mg of concerta daily, its no where near where you were at, it was a bitch coming off of it because I was on it for so fucking long. Lile years.

    Anyways, glad you are here with us, and if u need anything just let me know

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send me a PM. here
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    Welcome to bluelight.
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