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    Unicode characters disappearing 
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    I tried to make a post containing the character "?" (that's U+00B5 MICRO SIGN if it doesn't save) and it just showed up as "?" (a regular question mark) when I saved the post. Is this a known technical issue?

    EDIT: copied the first "?" from this post... it's just a regular U+003F QUESTION MARK.
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    This is a known problem. It's been around for a while. I've tested it before, there's a way around it by using different forum themes as i recall. I forget which. It might be to do with the encoding selected by the server for different themes.

    Regardless, yes it's a known problem, most posts get screwed up by it with various unicode smart quotation marks, but other symbols are effected too.

    No idea when it might be fixed or even if it might be. But I know the higher up are aware of it.
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