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    Wrong diagnosed forced to take invega sustena 
    Ive been on invega sustena for three years. It makes me restless, bored and slow. I have a hard time feeling pleasure. Ive been trying to get my phychatrist to take me off it but he wont. I tried getting him to prescribe me something to bring me up and benzos for my anexity but he wont. I dont know what to do.
    At the time of phychosis or schizophrenia i was taking a lot of stimulants and escatcy and also smoking a lot of weed and not sleeping much. Could that be the cause of all this? Now on the meds i have to take speed just to be motavaited to do the simple things. How do i get off these meds. I was prescribed clazzys and they took them away and gave me this bs. I dont know what to do i still get sketchy sometimes.
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    Psychosis or patients with a drug history don't get to have stimulants. They're not good for you if you're prone to psychosis.

    You can threaten to get a different doctor. Most doctors who work with welfare/public health will never prescribe stimulants nor benzos, though.

    You'll have to learn to do without those things. It seems scary at first, but a sober life is possible.

    Are you court ordered for treatment? Most doctors will prescribe you something different if you ask. Almost no doctor in the public health sector is going to prescribe stimulants or benzos.

    There are skills you can learn to cope with feeling sketchy. You can do grounding or positive affirmations to help you with sketchy feelings. I'm sure you'e learned those in group therapy?
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    Finding a new doctor is probably your best option. I will tell you that most doctors are moving away from long term benzo scripts these days.
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