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He's hardly the only person victimised by police for political or ideological reasons. Given the violence inherent in his type of rabble-rousing politics. That's as generous a discription as i'll give the guy, but i have absolutely no interest in watching that link. i find him a really objectionable and creepy individual, for whom i have very little sympathy.

I mean, do you know about the so-called "spy cops" scandal?


People who are far less dangerous (and non-violent) have had far, far worse things happen to them, in terms of hassles from the authorities.

I'm dismissive of the "persecution" angle, i guess, because i think people like tommy robinson are exactly the sort of people who do need to be monitored by police, for the sake of public safety. Exactly like radical islamic preachers - and for exactly the same reason.

He was fortunate enough to get a suspended sentence, and foolish enough to get locked up for contempt of court again. It plays into his victim narrative, and has gained him global attention, so i wouldn't be at all surprised if it was calculated and intentional on his part.
You keep going on about him being violent and advocating violence but.. i see none?

Yeah I'm aware of the spy cops scandal and find it disgusting.. It's exactly the kind of thing antifa would be up in arms about except when it's someone like Tommy becoming victim to it.. meh? No.. this is a problem.

You can't take the stance you have yet know nothing about it.. that's ignorance at the highest level. You have this preconceived opinion of who he is and what he's about so therefore anything he does = fascist? Sometimes it's a mix between the two.. you can't judge for yourself without hearing both sides of the story.

You refused to acknowledge a lot of what I have said for this reason.. It's not A is good therefore B is bad and B is bad because A is good..

52% of British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal

Tommy is against this and nobody else brings up.

-- I am drunk so this probably hasn't been portrayed how I intended..