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    Hi guys! 
    Hi everyone and thanks for letting me in

    I have been interested in drugs since a young age, I've lurked bluelight for a long time but now I have decided to become an active part of the community.
    I love any kind of compound with pharmacological activity, if we talk about having fun, I like benzos(really experienced on these :P) and hallucinogens; if we talk about curiosity about a drug I love knowing how SSRIs or antipsychotics work and their effect under different types of drugs.

    Currently I'm studying a nursing degree so I'll try to help this community with the knowledge I acquire over the years.

    PD: I'm not from the US
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    Hey overload
    Welcome 2 Bluelight!!

    Other Bluelighters, like yourself,,have contributed so much information on their experiences with both benzos and psychs.
    If you want, check out Psychedelic-Drugs , Basic-Drug-Discussion and Other-Drugs (for more advanced type of experiences/questions)
    Glad to have you here m8! Get in where you fit in! =)
    One Day At A Time
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    Welcome to bluelight, its nice to meet you
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