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    Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations That Seem Like Real Life 
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    I frequently have sleep paralysis, and I am aware that hallucinations go hand in hand with sleep paralysis. Last year around this time, I saw a bat during sleep paralysis/in hypnagogia. I checked and there was no bat in my house. This time, I had sleep paralysis a few days back and felt a flutter on my ear like a moth in the hypnagogic state.

    Then, I woke up in a fully immobile state of sleep paralysis and saw a bat flying around , presumably a hallucination as when I awoke there was no bat in the house and no sign of one. After the sleep paralysis, I was having all sorts of strange dreams involving bats. Woke up again, thought I heard a chirp for a few seconds in sleep paralysis. That went away a few minutes after I woke up. I was worried about there being a bat in the house, but I checked around...... and no bat. Just like the first time. No bats in the house, apparently a sleep paralysis hallucination.

    Happened again the next night, seeing one flying around when I was in sleep paralysis. It was weird. There has never been a bat in the house, and the home inspector said that unlike some houses, there was no real way that one could get in when the house was being purchased (due to there being no place where they could enter through ducts or anything like that). It seems like if one were stuck in the house like that, I would know about it and it wouldn't simply vanish when I woke up.

    Both times that this happened, I checked around the house and there was no sign of one. So, it seems like this was a sleep paralysis hallucination, which I have had before last year around this time, including the same sleep paralysis hallucination. This also makes me think that perhaps my "alien" experience was also in fact a sleep paralysis hallucination, as I was in sleep paralysis when that occurred. What are your thoughts on this? If it was a real bat stuck in the house and fluttering in my ear, I would have seen it when I was not in sleep paralysis and not just while I was in sleep paralysis, especially as this same thing happened last year. Thoughts?

    Also, do you think there is any meaning in a recurring sleep paralysis hallucination like this? Or probably not?
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    Extremely realistic hallucinations are common with sleep paralysis, so it's most likely that the bat was a hallucination. It would also explain your alien experiences, and in fact sleep paralysis is a pretty plausible explanation for reported alien abduction experiences. Many people have reported a recurring hallucination of some sort of evil entity sitting on their chest, sucking out their life force, during sleep paralysis, too. The mind is a pretty wacky thing. I mean dreams can seem extremely real, but basically sleep paralysis can allow you to dream while awake, or mostly awake, which makes the dream seem that much more real.
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