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    Adderall XR dosing question 
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    I just picked up my 2nd script for Adderall XR 15mgs yesterday morning.
    I ended up taking way too much. A total of 75 mgs between 9am & 12pm (no bad side effects though).
    I did rest for 7 hours but only slept for 3 of them.
    My question is How many mgs should I take at one time this morning in order to even feel it? I'd prefer to take it at one time so hopefully I'll get the same benefits I did yesterday after taking the first 45 mgs & possibly sleep TONIGHT as well.
    It's ok if I don't end up getting much sleep though. I have the additional days to get caught up.
    I have a lot of work I have to complete today.
    Plz help.
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    Hey Blondie0413,

    I'm a little confused by your question so I'll try to answer it to the best of my capabilities. It sounds like your doctor has prescribed you 15mg doses yet you are taking about 75mg, which is a relatively high dose. It's important to know that Adderall XR is chemically designed to last you all day. That is, you shouldn't be feeling a rush as you might with instant release. This allows for softer come ups and come downs. If you think about it, that 15mg pill is being released over a course of 12 hours, whereas the IR will be released all at once causing a more potent effect.

    As far as "feeling it", I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Do you legitimately have ADHD/ADD? If so, you shouldn't really be feeling anything. You should just be able to be more productive in the day and maintain focus. If you want to be working at the height of the Aderall dose, you might consider waking up a little bit earlier and taking the Adderall to allow you to work during the most optimal time. It may also help (not recommended) that you take Adderall on an empty stomach when you wake up. I say this because when you ingest pills on an empty stomach you will be able to feel the effects faster because more of the drug is able to absorb through the stomach lining compared to if you had food. However, this is not ideal. Taking pills when not advised on an empty stomach can hurt your stomach lining and can cause more severe side effects, so it's advised that you eat within two hours of taking your dose.

    I also cannot stress how important it is to get 8 hours of sleep and have 3 meals a day while taking Adderall. Your brain needs time to rest and needs food to fuel so it can work its best while on Adderall. Not sleeping and taking Adderall can have serious and severe side effects which may include things like heart attack or stoke. Don't go overboard!

    You may want to talk to your doctor about switching over to IR if XR is not giving you what you need. I am by no means a medical professional and ask you to take my advice with a grain of salt, but I thought I could help with a little insight.

    I wish you the best and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to message me.

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