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    Acid base extract on poppy leaves 
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    To start of it might be important to mention that the poppy leaves used in this extraction where picked late may, living in a temperate zone alkaloid content is not expected to be high and they also werent pharmaceutical poppies either, i just came across them one day.

    I pulled out some plants (leaving about 40 or 50 to bloom out hihi, and brought them home to dry.
    Once dry i measured out 50 grams and grinded them up. I then added 400ml of tap water and adjusted the ph with lemon juice to about 4,5.
    This was shaken vigorously for several minutes and left to sit for about an hour with occasional shaking. The mixture was then filtered trough a cheesecloth, and the plant was washed again with 200ml of water to make sure all alkaloids had been collected.
    Amonia was added to basify to ph 8.9, after some shaking the liquid was left to sit for about 5 minutes during wich precipitate clearly started forming on the bottom.
    I then filtered it trough 2 coffee filters, and allowed the green goo to dry overnight.

    This produced 0.96g of crude green flakey material.

    Aprox. 0.1g was smoked of tin foil. the smoke was rather smooth compared to many legal highs, and almost immediately i felt a subtle warm fuzzy feeling in my head. Quickly accompanied with a slight sedation and some euphoric effects. Compareable to that of wild lettuce but stronger. The buzz lasted somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes.

    I then decided that this extract was better smoked in a rolled unfiltered cigarette, and i was right
    So i rolled a cig with 0.2g of the stuff and lit up. The taste btw is far from ideal, but the effects where deffinitly worth it. Signifficant sedation and euphoria quickly fell over me, and it also effectively releaved my back pain.

    All in all i was surprised by the potency concidering the fact that it came from unripe poppies.
    I also did an iso disolved .5g in isopropyl and filtered it trough a cigarette filter. After drying 0.06g of dark green goo was scraped of witch i smoked of tin foil,this procided a slight rush followed by the same effects as the cigarette.

    I consider this to be a succesfull experiment, and im looking forward to whem them poppies are done blooming.
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