Thread: Problems breathing since DXM use? (long term problem)

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    Problems breathing since DXM use? (long term problem) 
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    I didn't know an appropriate place for this thread so I thought healthy living would be the best.

    I've been a recreational DXM user for about 6 months now. I know basically everything there is to know about DXM harm reduction, and I've been following the '1 week rest per plateau' rule.

    Starting just before spring I noticed after my last recent trip (my largest one yet, 1200mg DXM HBr) I started having breathing problems. It is kind of akin asthma. Whenever I take a breath I have to focus. I rarely am able to take in enough oxygen to get the 'peak' of a breath you feel. It's like 75% I can only breath enough oxygen to fill the bottom half of my lungs? I'm going crazy having to focus on getting a full breath of air when I am physically exerting myself too.

    However, the doctors in my area and friends are saying it is the worst allergy season compared to the last few years. I've never had problems with seasonal allergies before, so maybe it's just that? I took allergy medicine to see if it'd help and it helped a *little*.

    Now that it's summer (and not allergy season) I have stopped taking the allergy medicine, and I still have this darn breathing issue.

    It's really a pain because I have to focus and time my breaths much more when I run now. Do you guys think it's just allergies or using DXM could've done something?
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