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    Gabapentin Taper or C/T 
    I have been on 1200mg gabapentin for 4 months after a benzos taper, i just want some advice on stopping, my doc says cut 400mg every 3 to 7 days I thought a bit fast, any recommendations, i want to stop because I have been feeling a bit better and am nervous about being on meds long term so I have 2 options.
    1 taper off gabapentin
    2 keep taking it and taper off in future when feel better.

    I know people who have stopped c.t from more then I'm on for longer but I am just a bit nervous after the whole benzo taper.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Tapering off a medication/drug is generally the rule.

    Lots of people start to feel good then stop their meds and start feeling horrible again. It really usually takes more time than that to get the full benefit.

    I would ask yourself something along the lines of "what's bad about being on meds long(er) term?" Has your doctor recommended stopping gabapentin. Always go by what they recommend. Definitely stay away from cold turkey with this one.
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