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    Strange and awesome things V.Mindblower 
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    (mods, I hope this topic isn't stupid )

    A very broad topic, but I thought it could include anything from creepy artworks, strange stories, awesome occurrences, different and unusual forms of expression, and so on. Its a pretty general topic, but you could post a strange UFO sighting you've had, or a trick photo, or some bizarre performance art, or a weird instrument or surreal video or whatever. It just needs to be different.

    There's is a great doco on Netflix on Cai GuoQiang, a Chinese artist who creates works of art using a variety of methods, from exploding gunwpower onto canvas, massive fireworks displays, synchronised explosion events and really fucking odd sculptures. I particlualrly love the fireworks and gunpower stuff, the idea of exploding something to form a very brief, transient creation the just dissipates without a trace is a beautiful idea, and the exploding of gunpowder onto canvas to create patterns is a method of capturing that transience. The animals scultpures are something else entirely, I do not love them but the Ninth Wave is incredible.

    But this stuff is beautiful.

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    Here is a site that has a 360 panorama from the peak of Mount Everest. Note the deep, dark blue of the sky, it's because it's basically at cruising altitude and the atmosphere is thin:

    Also, images from Jupiter's Juno probe.
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