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    4 presidential scandals somehow dumber than todays 
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    Okay, I'll stop spam threading but this is the last one I found. CRACKED RULES!

    Somehow, the Americans here may be able to take heart from this


    It may feel like the office of the president of the United States of America is at its most embarrassing point in history. But the passage of time does cruel things to our perspective. It's important to remember that in truth, the office of the president of the United States of America has always been embarrassing. Here are several historical examples to prove it.

    4. Obama's Secret Service Was Comically Inept
    While preparing for a 2012 state visit to Colombia, the Secret Service made headlines when several agents hired prostitutes after a night of partying. The scandal quickly escalated, since several of the agents were married at the time, the sex workers could have easily walked out of their hotel rooms with classified information, and, you know, they were grown men with a job to do, not freshmen on their first spring break. The scandal eventually prompted a broad look at the hard-partying culture of the Secret Service, which is apparently a thing. But that's alright, this particular scandal only served to draw attention away from the Service's many, many other screw-ups during the Obama years.

    Like the 2009 incident wherein two random attention-seekers walked off the street and into a state dinner. They even shook the president's hand, all without the Secret Service bothering to check if they were on the guest list.

    And in 2011, someone parked outside of the White House and shot at it, to which the Secret Service responded by ... assuming it was a backfiring car. It took four days for a housekeeper to discover broken glass, at which point two and two were very slowly determined to maybe be four.

    And all of that was only in Obama's first term! In 2013, an agent forgot a bullet in a woman's hotel room (every guy's been there, right?) and tried to force his way back in to retrieve it. In the course of investigating exactly what the hell this guy was thinking, they found the man had also been sending "sexually suggestive" emails to a subordinate, which got him the boot.

    But the worst came in 2014, when a man with a knife hopped the White House fence and made it deep inside the building. How did he manage to get so far without tripping any alarms? Well, he did trip the alarm ... which was promptly disabled because the staff found it too loud.

    And only a few days before that, a security contractor with an assault record got on the same elevator as the president and filmed Obama with his phone, even after agents told him to stop. He was fired on the spot ... at which point they discovered that he was carrying a gun. How Obama survived this comedy of errors for eight straight years is anyone's guess.

    -3,2,1 here ya go!

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    Gee, sounds like an unbiased article to me. Ah, more distraction from the IGreport. But don't worry! Trump will be impeached any day now!
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    Man I hate Nixon. Dressing up the secret service to look like they're guarding a king is basically saying that the president is a king. Which is exactly the opposite of what America's supposed to be. He would got along great with John Adam's though.
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