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    Hey, first time post, i have a addiction to hydromorph, not for too long and not a long time. Been reading about others strugles and learning more. Worst part is the feeling i get reading someone elses high. Especially fentanyl. Sounds like the best high ever. Typing this out bounce between feeling out of control and right on edge of full control. I originally came on the site about learning how to best take hydromorphone and found plugging the best. I was hospitalized again for seperate health reason and could get a great rush from morphine, so much i reserched if i could grow and make my own. I know the risks i know im addicted but not ready to give in. Have to throw a good life away first. I think thats what drugs make you give.
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    Im getting discharged this week and just want to say i have pain. I dont i have addiction. It would be so easy to leave on a high dose of dilauted. Its scary. Im at a cross roads. I have a terrible nurse this week who has issues of her oun. I just want to go home. Without prescription... but fuck me it would feel great
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    Yea im a loser.
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    You are most certainly NOT a loser my friend.

    You are just on the wrong path, and you CAN straighten up when YOU want to. And we'll all be here to help you.

    Here for you anytime,
    your friend Ashley.
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    Yea im a loser.
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    Bro, if you can please head home without that script. Trust me, it will lead to misery.
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