Thread: Please help. SSDI AND SSI.

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    Please help. SSDI AND SSI. 
    Ok I?ve got a legit DSM5 diagnosis. I?ve been on disability since 08.

    When I was my most happiest was when I was working 55 hours a week.

    I?m trying to find Someone who is or has been on both and went back to work.

    Can anyone tell me what to expect and what I need to do in order to keep something like insurance. Please I?m tired of rotting in my bed everyday.
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    Go to your Social Security Administration. They have pamphlets on the subject.

    Or google it if you haven’t already. It’s all there.

    Tell me, do you have ssi or ssdi?
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    I have both. 117$ from SSI.
    600 from SSDI
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    You get Medicaid and Medicare when you're on disability. Those insurances covers most mainstream medicine.

    Good luck to you! I'm on disability too, and I know it can be very much a negative feedback loop of inactivity. I wish you the best in finding recovery and functionality.
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    Why are you on ssdi?
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    Several mental diagnoses.
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    Oh, I was under the impression that ssd was more for physical conditions (like people in wheelchairs). I get ssi for mental problems too, but was denied ssd. Either way, it's tricky. I think you're allowed to work a certain amount with ssd or ssi, but if I remember correctly you don't get as much benefits. Don't quote me on that tho. Another thing that sucks is that if you go back to work full time you lose your benefits obviously, and if it doesn't work out you have reapply. I'm glad I finally got ssi but it does sort of trap you.
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