Thread: Air purifiers, and whats so good about them?

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    Air purifiers, and whats so good about them? 
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    So I'm looking to invest into a air purifier. I'm tired of always having a stuffy nose, and I really think it has something to do with the air I breathe. The house I live in is a pretty old house, and has seen a lot of traffic. (don't have any pets, nor is there cigarette smoke in the house).

    Really, I am clueless when it comes down to purchasing one, have no idea what to really look for, or what type of filters (charcoal filtered??)

    so if anyone has any feedback on any air purifiers that would be great!
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send me a PM. here
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    Never went so far as acquiring a purifier but thought about it.
    How many would be needed to purify the air in the home? And at what cost to run them? Would they even work (probably the biggest question here)?
    We live in some pretty "nasty" environments (just human condition). We have sh** crawling and exiting/entering our persons at all times. It is my opinion that there is mold(s), mildew(s) and a host of other "stuff" floating around in our abodes: Even the brand-new ones.
    Guess what is trying to be penned is that these contraptions can come at a high price and the cost of using/maintaining them even more-so.
    Any way to test the air for "dangerous" contaminates? May be a cheaper way to start this endeavor.
    Sorry I didn't answer your questions: I usually create more and sometimes get caught in a "loop" of sorts and have to break off.
    Bye and sending good vibes for better breathing.
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    The best ones I've personally used are "electrostatic". They work like a bug zapper but with air impurities instead, the impurities could even be stuff like pollen or mold spores. One just cleans them periodically.
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    WR is right, the electrostatic ones are pretty awesome. Next best is a HEPA filter one. Last year there were crazy forest fires in my region and the smoke drifted into my city, blotting out the sun for weeks. The air was thick with soot and I had breathing troubles, even in my home. I bought a HEPA filter and it took care of the indoor air.

    There are filter systems you can by now for $100 or less that even have different settings, like "mold", "allergens", and "general". I notice that the mold setting makes the purifier work faster and stronger. The inside of the filter has a charcoal layer and something else that need replacing after X hours of operation, and a little indicator light turns on when that time has come. I honestly don't know if these little functions are a gimmick or not, but over all the filter really does work. If I burn something in the oven and my house fills with smoke, the HEPA filter will absorb it all within just a few minutes if it's turned on.

    During the forest fires I had the filter running anytime I was in my bedroom so that I could at least get 8-10 hours of clean air per night while I slept. I couldn't afford to buy more than one otherwise I'd put them all over my home. This year I'm prepared with a pollution mask for walking outside.

    I think if it says HEPA on it, it's a good one.
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    I got an air purifier based on recommendations and it seems to work... I can't say that I compared it myself so I don't know if it's the best.
    That being said, I have noticed that, since I've used it, it really does help. I'm in a different situation than you though - I have three cats in a one bedroom apartment. I don't smoke but ALL my friends do and of course I tell them on the balcony but it gets inside still. I also have construction going on near my building which isn't great for the air. I can't say 100% but it seems like it has helped with my allergies in general.
    Different circumstances but at least I can say this one seems to work pretty well for me
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