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    Mdma testing 
    My freind had a whole solid rock of mdma light brown sightly clear when it was tested reagents came back ok.

    Marquis - went purple then black
    Liberman - black
    Foehde - black with odd brown swirls
    Madelin - black
    Meke - looked black

    As an expiranced mdma taker in the past, the stange thing i noticed about it which I have never noticed before is that it had a strong unexplainable smell not a nice smell.
    The smell reminds me of mephedrone like if it was taken you would smell of it the following day and every one around you would probs smell that you have taken it

    It did not smell of aniseed/root beer.

    I have never had this before can any body shed some light on this? Or anyone had a simular experiance?

    Is there a chance its still not mdma?
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    Sorry I'm not really familiar with test kits, bit do you have any more to send off to wedinos for a lab test?

    We can't identify stuff from smell, bit given the test results I'll send this to our pill reports forum. Hopefully this is okay with them guys, and apologies to them if not.
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    MDMA can be made from a number of things and not all of them smell/look/taste like each other. This is why it's so important to test.

    Reagents aren't as good as a GBP 40k lab but they're only GBP 15, and for that they can immediately alert you if you have something completely different.

    If you can see visibly different crystals in the substance then you can separate them out, take a tiny amount (less than a grain of salt of each crystal) and test them to see if there is a mix of substances but generally in the UK things tend to either be the correct substance or something totally different.

    As Tranced points out, you can also send the sample off for a GBP $40k lab test (free for you) by looking up WEDINOS. This takes a few weeks to come back but they use state of the art kit.
    Please use the Search & Index
    Please make sure you always reagent test your drugs. $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind!
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