Thread: When I take Adderall. I'm irresistable.

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    When I take Adderall. I'm irresistable. 
    This medication. The amphetamine. When I take it. My confidence, charm, and charisma skyrocket. My whole life, I have written and focused on the intonations in my voice and emphasize certain words with a kind of, heavyness. I emphasize each syllable. And, when I started taking Adderall XR, I finally, thanks to it's enhancing of my mind and fearless exuberance was able to take what I learned and put it into action.

    Ever since I started taking it I can flirt with women in public in a way that exudes a sincere, none creepy sexual interest in them. They always. Always respond well. It never feels. I'm clean cut, dress well, have white teeth and a baby face..but I am a man! They love it.

    I once took it a step further. Just to see how a omen respond if I displayed strong sexual attraction for her. She was thick, tall, tan and tall with lucious blond hair. It was at the gas station. It was an experience. She walked by, and with a smile utterly devoid of fear and overflowing with confidence I said to her as she walked by, "Hey there! Miss! Yeaaaa. You beautiful. How's your day? And with no fear told her she was gorgeous. She smiled and walked away like...she was flattered!"

    It was unreal!!!!
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    Ummm are you sure adderall isnt exaggerating reality a little. i mean all she said is thank you. Its not like she slept with you.
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    When I'm not take Adderall and I try flirting with a woman. I crash and burn.
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    And she looked at me seductively. I was, without embellishment, totally without fear. I didn't care what she thought. This happens often when I take Adderall. Women..they respond to my blunt way of flirting.

    Without it. I'm a recluse and socially retarded.
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    How many milligrams of adderall xr are you taking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by d1nach View Post
    How many milligrams of adderall xr are you taking?
    Enough to make me feel godlike. Confident! Very! However, while in public I maintain a semi-civil demeanor. Just more confident. Like 75 mg in one dose.
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    I wish i had your tolerance.
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