Thread: Knowledge of stims. Please read then my health is in a bad way! I?m

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    Knowledge of stims. Please read then my health is in a bad way! I?m 
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    Simply as I can since I?ve had no ability to post all day. Years ago I was prescribed prednisone it severely affected my pituitary gland. Psych-meds did nothing to help my status. Recently I did meth first time 12yrs. Only reason was I needed energy. I don?t have because of my pituitary gland affecting me. This has diminished my drive energy cognitive thinking testosterone etc. Past month an a half started taking meth it does nothing for me but gravely impacts my mental health in a positive way. I?m feeling the best I have in 8yrs. What ever chemical it has is helping me in the better. So I need to sort this out. But I can?t walk in an say hey doc. Been taking meth an it?s actually helping me. So we all know how that would go.

    The seriousness of this I need to be on a pharmaceutical brand to this nature of drug. I be only been doing meth for a month an a half. I sleep eat hydrate as I would with out. I get extreme stimulation. I?m actually calmer on it. My mind is cleat I?m focused my energy is back. This is honestly helping. Everything was fine until 2 weeks ago. I?m in bed sit up an hands feet turn red ice cold. Followed by severe pressure in my temples. Then the real problem chest pain, palpitations, heart racing, arm numb, can?t breath. So I go to stand felt like someone is shoving a softball down my throat. Hard headed me fights it instead of calling for help it was as close as the next room in my house. Finally it goes away

    Few days later again this was last Wednesday only difference speech is off an stumbling. Agin I fight threw it. It?s a miracle I haven?t died. 2 days later I have normal follow up appointment. Tell doc everything besides meth reason I just don?t know how to say it with out it affecting something I honestly need to be healthy. Anyways vitals are done somehow there perfect 124/89 hr 103 yes high but be I haven?t seen it hat low in 6yrs. I have stage 2 hypertension 160-180s. Absolutely not good with meth. Anyways it?s now Tuesday.

    I?m not addicted to this drug. I know we all heard the same stories. I am one of the odd I I?ve always been able to stop cold turkey. 15yrs alcohol past few years almost case a day. All sudden didn?t want a beer. It?s been 2 months now sober. Please I don?t want to be on this drug. I do take small amounts an never smoked or iv. I want to get to dr. Soon as possible but I don?t know how to go about it. I?m not asking for what to say or persuade them. I just want my health back that I haven?t had. But without dieing from this drug. Anybody with any knowledge of what step I should go? Please thank you for any feedback.
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    You have a lot of contradictions in your statements. One second you describe health issues that you are worried about, then the next subject revolves around you convincing yourself that methamphetamine is a healthy compound in your situation. Just IMO, you may need to look in the mirror as I've had to before if you're that deep in a meth binge that you truly believe the compound you're using is providing anything positive. I'm also assuming you are buying actual methamphetamine and you didn't somehow have a prescription for Desoxyn?

    If you need some energy there is plenty of OTC supplements and various herbs that have shown great results and you can find those anecdotal claims by just simply searching through this forum and reading other's results.

    Good luck mate, but I really feel like you are lying to yourself on this one.
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