Thread: He loves me, His ex just wasn?t the girl for him.

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    He loves me, His ex just wasn?t the girl for him. 
    I?ve been with my boyfriend for a while now, seven months. He has done a lot. I got a ring, card with pictures in it and we?re in Memphis right now living with his real mother for the time being until we decide to go back to Chicago where my mother is and where his step mom and real father is. His ex was hurt when she found out he was messing with me while with her and she broke up with him because of it and he never even put up a fight for her to stay. It may be hard for her to see, but she just wasn?t the girl for him. He never did anything of those things for her. The only reason he has hit her up a few times, though he hasn?t done it in like two weeks, was for sex. She never gave in though, one time she told him that she knows me and him are still together and to go and be faithful to me. He never really admitted to her that we are still together after she said that he just quit messaging her. He never said he missed her or anything. He missed her sexually. Isn?t it possible that his ex just wasn?t the girl he was truly willing to become better for. It isn?t like he misses being with her. He never would have cheated with me to begin with if he was with who really wanted to be with.

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    He cheated on her with you. He's now cheating on you with her, but you qualify it by saying it's been 2 weeks. You really need to decide if you want to waste many years worrying about where he is and who he's with. He's not truthful to either on you and he's probably working on girlfriend #3 as we speak.

    She did the right thing by moving on when she found out he's a cheater, and if I understand your post correctly, he has tried to have sex with her over the months and she told him basically to leave her alone and go back to you.

    You also say that he wouldn't tell her that you two were together. That's dodgy.

    There are so many red flags in your post that you could sew a blanket.

    I assume you are a grown woman so I won't tell you what to do. What would I do? Run far and fast. Lose his number, go home, get a job and find a mate that will respect you more. Material things like a ring or card mean nothing if there's no trust. The first girlfriend did the right thing. You should consider doing it too.

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    If he cheated with you on someone else, he'll cheat with someone else on you...

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    Yep. My mom used to say this all the time. When someone cheated on me I moved on. Mo second chances.

    Once a cheater always a cheater.

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    What I'm so confused?

    He was trying to cheat on you by hitting up the ex. Hid the fact that he was dating you...

    He's actively trying to cheat on you.

    Why are you defending him? Leave him before he breaks your heart.

    Card and ring don't mean shit after he sticks his dick in another girl.

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    You lose them how you get them.

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