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    Well you pull it out first. Duh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrugOmen View Post
    I was just saying that because if it's too long you will hit the tampon thing inside.
    hehe, nast
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    guy yay

    as long as she is down, if not then whatever, if she's more horny during then bonus. i get why blood bothers some but as long as clean up is involved and nothing comes from it other than a good time then no skin off my back (unless she enjoyed it ).

    tbh i can tell things are changing in her but it's kinda like the sleeper or stranger, it's good to switch things up.

    red wings once - never again.

    if you can't tell the cotton is close to the opening you got to rethink your sex education, outlook and experiences. make sure she's not putting you into the couch or using her hand without you knowing about it. scandalous!

    the only reason and rarely a guy is too long is it hits the tube opening and causes her pain. length, girth and how you use it are all on dependent on a woman to woman basis.
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