Thread: For transparency and fairness- to the Owners of bluelight.

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    For transparency and fairness- to the Owners of bluelight. 
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    The manner that forums are being run is very concerning and disappointing.

    In particular the blatant nepotism and bias in CEP which is not helped by the mods in that forum all being reliably present to prove decisions are indeed fair.

    Unfortunately TLB has exceeded his pm storage which is not a good sign he is around to ensure the rise in abuse of power already noted by other now ex staff is kept in check.

    TLB please clear your in box.

    SG received his and I guess thats all that can be done to address issues of staff behaviour when the staff running the place have let power go to their head. He can share if he wants and hope he can do aomething about bl

    SG is free to decide if blr concerns are worth a piece of shit and maybe we arent worth listening to so leaving in droves, please just have a good look at yourselves bl deserves better than this.

    No not you spacejunk or CFC, all hope is lost with the others.

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    you can email the bl site owners directly at: [email protected]


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