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    Ecstacy? Pill testing with marquis 
    I had received a blue pill from someone who stated it was "MDMA" or Ecstacy. It was a little sketch, so I decided to order an EZ test marquis test.
    When testing it, at first it was a bit reddish, and then maybe after a minute or two it turned purple. After 15 mins to an hour, it turned pretty much black.
    Here are some pictures of the process.

    reddish color:
    purple color:
    black color:
    test kit key:

    Does this mean I'm dealing with Ecstasy, or is there something else in there since it was reddish at first? Also, the pill was blue, so would the blue in the pill mix with the initial red to create a purple?
    Please let me know your opinion!
    also please let me know if the image links don't work.
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    In my opinion, from the reactions you got, it probably has both MDMA and amphetamine.

    The thing with Marquis reagent testing is that a reaction can overpower another and it doesn't give you the ratio of the chemical compounds.

    You could very well have a mainly Amphetamine filled pill with traces of MDMA, or a mainly MDMA filled pill with a traces of amphetamine, nobody knows.

    The only thing you can do to have the exact chemicals and their ratio is send them in for lab analysis (like
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    If you want to identify more compounds you should have bought a complete kit for piece of mind.

    Not trying to be insulting or rude by the way it would have been easier to identify what you're dealing with in terms of potential adulterants.

    It looks like MDMA but lighting conditions could appear that there may be trace amounts of amphetamine in there. It's too difficult to tell with only the marquis reagent.
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    Is this a potentially dangerous combination? if it does have both amphetamine and mdma. What effects would it have?
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    It would be more neurotoxic than any of these two substances alone.
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