Thread: Mdma recovery (6 months clean)

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    Mdma recovery (6 months clean) 
    No I won't take any pharmaceuticals to cure me, only natural remedies, herbs or anything that will change my brain composition.

    Let me start off I get what I did was wrong I was in a dark place and shit happens, just any advice would be great.

    From march-september I took LOTS of acid, the first 3 months maybe 1 or 2 tabs a day then after probably 2 a week.
    May-november some mdma in different forms all tested and clean, 2-4 times a month.

    From june-december I was prescribed .5 mg of klonopin which I took daily or 3 sometimes I felt like crap.

    Daily smoker/dabber since I was 15

    Shrooms about 3 times in a year

    These are just any substances I've taken within the past year.

    I am perfectly healthy now, I work out, kayak, hike and many other things. I eat healthy with the occasional snack.

    I'm not depressed, or happy like most people I'm in the middle now where I feel happy inside but feel like my emotions are suppressed and doesn't let me show it. Pretty much emotionless unless something really excites me.

    Everything seems good in my health other than a little bit of awkwardness now, short term memory isn't as good, I sometimes try to say a word and something else will come out, every once in a while I slur randomly.
    Biggest issue is if I think of the moments when I was on these drugs mostly MDMA I feel like I have that rush moment when I was on it and scares me kind of.

    Any advice on how to fix it faster, I get that time can be a factor but I'd like to hurry it up somewhat.
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    Is this rush moment euphoric or panic?
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    Yes. What is it that bothers you? Could you be more specific? Thanks.
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