Thread: Would This Hypothetical Person Be Likely To Be Caught?

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    Would This Hypothetical Person Be Likely To Be Caught? 
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    In this hypothetical scenario, someone decided to electronically transmit defamation/slander against individuals who have wronged them in the past in order to damage their reputation and disrupt their lives for revenge. In the country where I live, defamation is a civil matter, not a criminal one. Years have passed since their grudge against these individuals, but their actions have bothered them for years. What the individual does is purchase a computer using a burner cell phone (that was purchased with cash and never formally registered to their name, never connected to their home computer network and never even turned on in their home). Then, they would use the burner cell phone to contact someone who is selling laptops on craigslist. They would pay cash, and they would provide the Craiglist seller with a false name.

    After acquiring the laptop, they do not turn it on while on their own network. They download the Tor browser from a public network, and then power the laptop off with the browser downloaded...... waiting a period of 60-90 days in order to ensure that security camera footage of the location where they had downloaded Tor from would not be available when the defamation occurred. Then, they would head to a public restroom that was busy (in order to prevent it from being proven who sent the messages in the worst case scenario where somehow this resulted in an intensive investigation that resulted in Tor being cracked), and they would use a fake email address and pose as someone who had a "guilty conscience" about having had a long sexual affair with the target of the defamation plot. They would ideally be someone of the same sex as the person who is the target of the defamation plot. Then, the computer would be thrown off a bridge into the Hudson River in the dead of night to prevent it from ever being recovered as would be the burner phone used to contact the craigslist seller of the laptop. The email in question would be pre-drafted on the laptop by drafting the email while the device was not connected to the internet, and the email would contain lurid details of the alleged affair.

    It would be the sort of thing that would really activate the "emotionally driven mind" so to speak of the spouse, causing them to become so enraged at what occurred that they left them and failed to believe their spouses' story of it being fake. As a result, it would result in serious marital problems for the target, and it may even result in the divorce of the target from their spouse. If this became public, the defamer would get a real rush out of it and feel that it would never become revealed that it was them. On occasion, perhaps the individual would use the same "op-sec" and create social media profiles of people claiming to have slept with the target. Each time, the computer and burner phone used to acquire the computer would be destroyed. This may occur every 3 months or so, and over time....... even if the spouse was initially inclined to believe the target's story, eventually they would likely feel like the repeat occurrences of multiple people "having an affair with their spouse" coming to light, they would begin to question if it was real, even if they had a great deal of trust in the target. At the very least, I feel that this would cause serious disruption to the life of the target, and I doubt that the spouse would ignore multiple emails of "guilty people" claiming to have had sex with the target. As a result, they would likely come to believe that the target was in fact cheating. Even if the target hired a private investigator to "get to the bottom of it" and perhaps the spouse trusted them regardless, it seems doubtful that in a scenario where the burner computer, sending the defamation via the Tor browser with a computer that has never been connected to a public network, in a public restroom that is busy with multiple people (no way to prove who it was that sent the libelous message even if Tor were somehow cracked for this), and then the computer and burner phone used to acquire the computer are both submerged underneath 300+ feet of frigid waters.

    This is purely a hypothetical scenario, so I am not looking for moralizing about this. I am simply wondering if there would be any way to realistically trace the defamer to the defamation in this scenario. Keep in mind that where the defamer lives, the case is not criminal but civil. Thoughts? Also, this is purely a hypothetical scenario, and I assure you all that I am not the defamer nor am I planning to become the perpetrator of this scenario.

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    Well If the "person" had a chance before maybe this post wouldn't help them avoid detection.

    From my experience Tor is sometimes less secure than people think. While I doubt that it would be a matter that would warrant an effort, there a probably people who could figure it out and I will leave my opinion at that.

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    I don't see this as acceptable for S&T. Closed.

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