Thread: Looking for anti anxiety med that doesn?t affect sex drive

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    Looking for anti anxiety med that doesn?t affect sex drive 
    I suffer from pretty crippling anxiety. Klonopin works for me but drastically lowers my libido and erection quality.

    Any suggestions out there?
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    I'm going to move this to Mental Health and perhaps someone can make a suggestion for you.
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    Hmmm, I was gonna suggest k-pin. I haven't noticed any effects but then again I was on 2mgs of xanax for the better part of 7 years. How long have you been taking the k-pin? If you just started the side effects might go away.
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    If you're using anti-anxiety doses you shouldn't be having any sexual issues with benzos..
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    Yeah, that can mean that your dosage is too high. Buspar also works on anxiety, but takes a while to build up. It won't depress yourself as much as a benzodiazepine does. It might be something to ask your doctor about.
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