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    Clonazepam dosing 
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    So is it true that Xanax and Klonopin is equal mg for mg in potency? Or is that just opinion? Because I just took 4mg of Klonopin and that's the dose I use for Xanax to get benzod out but was wondering if it will be the same. I know kpins come or slower and more subtle.
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    The numbers from conversion charts are rough estimations and not everyone will agree with them. Clonazepam starts to hit me within 90 minutes and larger doses don't feel subtle at all. But that's just me so another person will probably have a different experience.
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    I feel klonopin is stronger but doesn't have the same body and mind "feel". Four mgs of Xanax would turn me into a giggling mess. Four mgs of klonopin...I don't know. I take 1 mg and it knocks me out an hour or two later. 1-1/2 mgs of klonopin have me staggering into walls and ordering $3,000 rings from tv that I forget about until they arrive. I get massive headaches at 1-1/2 mgs of klonopin so I stay with 1 mg at night and 1/2 mg in the morning.
    Obviously you know that klonopin is much longer acting than Xanax. I've taken 4 mgs of Xanax in one day. I won't attempt that with klonopin and I've been on it for years.

    They may be equal on charts but they absolutely act differently in my body. It's easier to get into a problem with Xanax because it's so short acting.

    So it all depends on what you are using the various benzos for and what you are trying to achieve. I feel high when I take Xanax or valium. I don't with klonopin.
    That's just my personal experience.
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    It's true for many people....hence the chart lol. It's just an average/estimate, everyone's bodies and biological systems are different and work differently, so of course there is variance- just like any other drug. And of course, a particular body changes and develops over time, so you'll even start seeing a variance within yourself over the years.

    So, by this rule, some people will react to a lower or higher dosage than others, or in comparison to other substances, and they may even react to the substance in very different manners from one person or substance to another (ie: people claiming clonazepam is "subtle"). Makes it all very subjective....but to a point.

    You took a pretty hefty dose. Give it 2-4 hours AT LEAST to show some effect before redosing. Really, it'd be best not to redose at all. For all you know, your body reacts slowly to it, you'll go and redose, just to have the initial dose hit you like a freight train 5 minutes later and you're in blackout territory....come to the next day to hear all the crazy shit someone in your body and clothes did the day before....maybe see yourself on the news or find relationships or family destroyed....who the hell knows what a person blacked out would do...usually incredibly embarrassing at the very least.

    Be careful.

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    It's curious.

    10mg of Diazepan raise me to the sky in 20 minutes and I feel my body among clouds of silk.
    On the other hand 1mg of Clonazepan is very soft for me, I fall asleep quietly and then I wake up perfectly.

    It seems that each one reacts differently in spite of the equivalent relation of the doses.

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    Most charts and sources say that clonazepam is twice as potent as alprazolam
    (with Chronic dosing)

    They are right - Well 1.5-2x as potent; Note thatwwith a single dose they may be the same

    of course everyone is different - Also, 1mg C ~ 20mg dzp, range 15-40
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