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    About my self 
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    Hi i am ibetweakin My drugs of choice in order are:
    #1 Methamphetamine
    #2 PCP
    #3 Crack or coke(prefer crack cuz i like to smoke)
    #4 Xanax
    #5 Heroin
    #6 Shrooms
    #7 LSD
    #8 Oxycodone(High doses)
    #9 Codeine And Promethazine syrup(Lean, I only like it when mixed with sprite and ranchers or i aint drinking it lol)

    I can code in C, PHP, Python and a lil bit of ruby and of course i know HTML and CSS one of my favorite things to do while high on stimulants is code.

    I work as a WhiteHat Penetration tester(someone who finds and fixes possible exploits/vulnerabilities on a paying customers Network)

    I have been using meth for close to 2 years now and im suprised that although i have expirienced many many negative effects from meth it has positively effected my life more then negatively before meth i was lazy and unmotivated even though i loved my job (i was also using xanax daily thank god i kicked that and bared through a nasty seizure from withdrawal)

    About my life:

    From toronto

    Was arrested for 2 counts of credit card fraud over 5000, Unauthorized Disruption Of A computer system(DDoS Attack), and Unathorized Access to a computer system when i was 17

    I stayed 4 months in a youth facility and then got let out on some bail conditions: house arrest, not allowed to use internet or mobile phone and ye i couldnt do anything i was bored as fuck just popping pills and smoking weed so i picked up crack and that led to meth and that was all i would do when i was on those conditions then i started an online booter service then shut that down because i only made like $80 off it and would find vulns in websites and email them for a "Ransom" for me to tell them the vulnerability and how they could fix it.

    a year before this i got into a dispute over an ounce of meth(wont get into details) and slashed a guy with an Ikea Kitchen knife lol and then his boy pulled out an old .22 single shot rifle(it was like a century old) and i got hit in the thigh no critical injuries but it hurt like a bitch and i was prescribed a moderate dose of oxycodne when i got out hospital. Daily oxy use ruined the recreational value of it for me for some reason

    Time to expose myself im ready for the roasting:

    Never fucked a girl from th front yet so i guess im a virgin
    Went completely psychotic off PCP and meth one time and ran down the street in the middle of winter with no shirt on screaming at people for no reason was in the psychward for 1.5 days
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    Hey - welcome to bluelight
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    Sounds like a very eventful lifestyle.
    I know the joy of whitehat somewhat and it is quite a challenge/payoff. Not to metion the endorphins and shit flowing in a
    Harm Reduction: Get some from the front... look her in the eye and experience the connection.
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