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    Your first time meth story 
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    Heres the story of the best time of my life

    Was tryna get crack from dealer

    Dealer no have crack dealer say he got something better(he was right) he told me it was meth so i bought it

    Put on some High school dxd and listened to Start from scratch at the same time

    i looked up best methods to smoke meth and i got the foil and straw ready

    but first i did a really small bump then didnt wait for the bump to kick in and smoked roughly 15-20 mg off the foil

    Immediatly my vision got all fuzzy and i felt so euphoric like everything was gonna be ok no matter what and i was feeling really stimualted i loved everything music sounded better i swear my eyes were watering because of the sheer pleasure i sat there for 3 whole days watching anime and jerking off while redosing every 3 hours the whole time

    So Whats Your first meth story
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    I did meth and stayed up all night, my friend and i both had to go to work that morning and our puplis were still huge. So we decide to smoke fentanyl to make are pupils smaller. I got so sick/naseous and sweaty i though i was dying.

    only tried meth one other time years later after that.
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    My hopes are blighted, my heart is broken, my life a burden, everything around me is sad and mournful; earth has become distasteful to me, and human voices distract me. It is mercy to let me die, for if I live I shall lose my reason and become mad.
    smoked some meth and had sex

    was ok, nothing to write home about

    it was christmas day

    and i fell asleep a few hours into it
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    First time I tried it I shot up snf unknown dose but I don't think it could have been too much but damn it literally brought me to my knees and was the best rush I've ever felt. Not much really happened after that besides me talking about how amazing that rush felt for hours lmao
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    First time I did it was because coke was getting too expensive, shot up like i did coke. Treated it like it was coke and did too big a shot, didn't touch it again for almost a year and a half, only shot up 5 or 6 times after that.
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    I was 14 .On probation for starting a fire in my 8th grade bathroom. So I had to go to this "reach" program , school / counseling , because no high school would except me after the nature of my expulsion.
    Anyway , I had gotten in a big fight with my mom that morning and was already in trouble at school. I was the ONLY one who had to come in Christmas Eve or something or the day before Thanksgiving , idk , some holiday ... And the counselor was PISSED. Can't say I blame her . She had to come in and babysit me.
    I was all upset because of the fight with my mom and she asked what was wrong. I responded with some attitude probably and she said she didn't care anyway and went to her office.
    That infuriated me. I said fuck this , got up , and left.
    I headed down the street and followed the railroad tracks till I got to this overpass .(wasn't really that far, only down the street ,but at the time it felt like oceans ) I had never took off like that before or headed out on my own.
    So as I reached the safety and shelter of the overpass, I said to myself , well..... I guess I have to live here now. After all , the fight with my mom and the probation violation I faced.... seemed appropriate at the time. And the only option.
    So I built a little bon fire to keep warm LOL and started to think about what I was going to eat... This old bumb joined me.
    Then a couple of dudes came down to smoke a joint or something and one called out to me. He was 22. We started talking and I told him what happened .
    He asked if I wanted to come with them. I said yes.
    Anyway , we posted in a motel room. Little over a week. (We didn't have sex ,though he asked) (we did fool around though. )
    But before that
    Me -" What is that"??"
    Him - " It's crank " " do you want to try it"
    Me - "ok". (This was before I even had my first beer.)
    He holds it for me and I take my first hit
    Me - "WOW"!!!!
    HIM - LOL.
    Then he explains start to finish, how to cook meth , where to buy the ingredients (which we did later later that week.)
    that night I got sick and threw up. He was asleep. I didn't understand that I was not going to be able to sleep. He was asleep , and I was confused. Come to think of it , I wish he'd of mentioned this aspect of it. I really didn't understand .
    Anyway. I had only smoked weed before so I thought this was awesome .(besides the not sleeping part and the getting sick)
    Eventually I went home and excepted punishment from the law and my mother (who was worried sick , I did call her though while I was gone) I probably spent like a week in juvie and got out on house arrest.
    So a few weeks later , on the news , theres all this drama . Cars are backed up on the highway while police and whoever else does this kind of thing , picks up pieces of this dude all along the highway.
    I guess turns out , someone wrapped a guy up in a carpet , after kidnapping , robbing , and beating him to death , they tossed him out the back of a van , on the freeway.
    LMAO. Idk why I'm laughing , it's not funny and very disturbing. I mean they literally had to scrape this guy up .
    So I find out later , I forget how , that it was my friend whom I stayed with , who was responsible. Apparently this 16 year old girl was also involved in the murder , whom i met in juvie later on.
    I wrote to him and excepted phone calls from jail , until my probation officer found out when I tried to send a letter to him from juvie later on..( I didn't know you weren't allowed to do this) I was questioned if we had had sex or not , blah blah .
    Anyway , I think the guy had done something to the girl , like raped her. That's why they killed him. I also think meth is a shitty drug and they must have been really fucking high.
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