Thread: Psychedelics and schizophrenia .

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    Psychedelics and schizophrenia . 
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    So my passion is psychedelics, and has been for 20 years. I have a library dedicated to them. BUT, I?m schizophrenic, and my meds keep them from working, or i?ve Just been striking out with what I get. I?ve had people call me out and dose me out hard, and nothing. Does anyone have similar experiences? Am I just out of luck?
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    DO NOT TAKE ANY PSYCHEDELICS OR ANY HALLUCINAEGEONS OR STIMULANTS IF YOU ARE SKIZOPHRENIC unless you want a possible bad trip to last you the rest of your life

    Seriously please dont do this i can guarantee this wont end up well
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    If you're on a nueroleptic it's most likely nullifying the psychedelics.
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