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    Depressant does not = depression 
    I've been reading this misinformation so often, that it's beginning to bother me. It is especially prevalent when people talk about alcohol, but it also holds true for opiates.

    I've heard from people and articles countless times that X substance is a depressant. They then say that depressants make you depressed. This is the biggest BS I've ever heard. Being depressed is not the same as having your CNS run slower due to a drug. Depression is usually caused by a lack of serotonin and it has nothing to do with being sedated (ie your CNS running slower). I think it's so stupid how people use the term depressant to describe something that makes you sedated. The proper term should be sedative, not depressant. This seems to have caused a lot of confusion for some people who know nothing about drugs.

    And I've read some articles where these alcoholics are so confused because they say alcohol is a depressant and they don't understand why it makes them feel good LOL. It is NOT a depressant. Same with opiates. They are sedatives! Being calmed the fuck down has nothing to do with being depressed.

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