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    My (generic?) introduction! 
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    Hello, fellow Bluelighters (and Greenlighters)!

    I go by OkayGift, and this is my first thread, and I'm not very well versed in introductions. I came to a few years ago looking for information about Benzodiazepines, which got me started on the path of a 3 year addiction going from prescription 1mg Clonazepam a day to 4mg Clonazolam a day, but I've been sober from benzos for 3 months with quite a few memory issues, as you may expect. It has been quite the journey for me, and I barely remember any of it, unfortunately.

    I am currently working on the diploma I should have gotten 2 years ago and now I just need 4 and a half credits of PE and 6 in Maths so I'll graduate on June 22nd! I'm eager to become a Psychologist, or even Psychiatrist, specifically to help end the war on drugs and make it education on safe and responsible drug use. I have a few issues with being out of my comfort zone, but I was put on Lexapro 20mg daily, and it's been a life saver, literally.

    I would love to finally become apart of a community that's actively working on getting the best knowledge for drug users out there, as I needed it. I would love to (necro, if you will) a few posts from a while ago, and see if there's any new information about it! (with permission from staff, of course.)

    I currently stick to Psychedelics and Cannabis as my brother had issues with opioid abuse and now he's on suboxone for a long time, I don't know much about them either, so it's a scary thing to even attempt to try. I'll only take prescribed hydrocodone or tramadol as anything more makes me sick as a puppy!

    I would also be a full time College student as soon as I can to get college out of the way and start my life, and answer the calling I hear. I usually like to learn programming languages in my free time, and freelancing with languages I am comfortable with already such as C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, and of course, HTML-5.

    I hope this is a good introduction to get a feel of who I am, feel free to ask any questions if you have any! Just remember to adhere to the BLUA that can be found here!

    Looking forwards o this new experience and meeting new people on!

    Sending my love and sympathy to anyone struggling in life at the moment, try to stay positive! I genuinely feel Honoured to join this community,
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    Hey, welcome to the site.

    Well done kicking the benzos, that clonazolam sounds like some especially mischievous stuff from reports I've read, not sure if it's because of the potency?

    Psychedelics and weed are interesting enough anyway. Look forward to seeing your posts
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