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    Hi new member 
    Hi so I?m a new here greenlighter, whoop whoop, been lurking for well over a year and I absolutely love how helpful everyone in this community is and also respectful unlike some other forum/social media platforms. I truly feel at home here although this is my first ever post I feel like I know so many people already just from reading through at least 2 years worth of posts. I find it super educational and brilliant for harm reduction especially when I was attempting to do my
    First CWE Bluelight was a life saver.

    So without anymore babble;

    I?m a 24 year old bloke, I?ve been through some prettt rough times basically all through my teens, but I?m noir with a wonderful woman who truly loves me for me warts and all as they say, is excepting of my issues and totally supportive. I also have a Beautiful daughter who has just turned 8 months old so another reason that has given me Strenght to finally change my ways. Although we all know some habits die hard.

    Anyway enough about myself, hope to hear form anyone as I would love to make some friends on here. Peach and love to everyone. ?Be good and if you can be good be careful? something my mum always used to say to me as I left the house. Peace peeps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Princeofparanoia93 View Post
    Be good and if you can't be good be careful? something my mum always used to say to me as I left the house.
    Lol, good advice. Welcome to Bluelight, let us know if you'd like any help navigating the site.

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