Thread: Gained too much weight, and now I'm stuck, help.

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    Gained too much weight, and now I'm stuck, help. 
    The story is: I abused every kind of drug/med I could get my hands on, and nothing ever happened to my body I just had some good trips/time but it ended there basically.
    Then there was a time where I was really, really depressed and not because of the down of the drugs, just some events that happened including breaking with my gf that leaded to depression. So for the first time, without doing myself the doctor like I always did, I tried to follow a schedule, made by my psychologist. It was Mirtazapine 30mg before sleep and Clonazepam on needing (this one is just because I was already addicted to it so she included it).
    I went like this for 5 months straight I believe, and well, I was always hungry (didn't help for depression btw). I ate like mad without thinking, and without noticing that I was gaining weight (I'm not the guy who checks his weight everyday in the bathroom).
    Now its passed almost a year, and I still have 30kgs extra on my body, I can't recognize myself, I'm really ashamed of what I've become, and I'm also kinda deformed by the fat. I can't fit anymore in any of my clothes (and I was wearing large size shirts, saggy pants..) and I look like I'm having a baby.
    In all this time, I kinda abandoned all party drugs but used occasionally amphetamines, you should say "well that could have helped you in losing weight" but guess what: they lost the effect on me. I even tried to stay awake "meth-like" doing lines of amphetamines one after another but the result was the opposite: fatigue, hunger, need to sleep. I tried starving, or eat the less possible, I apparently lost 3kgs after few days, then I swear to God I'm not kidding you I ate one hamburger and another thing and back to +3kgs.
    I always been a skinny guy so I don't understand what's happening, if it is related to aging or what, but I'm ashamed of myself and I can't even exit from home, and both family and friends are making fun of me becoming fat (not in a bully way but hurts.)

    TLDR: I gained weight and not even with hard use of amphetamines I can loose all the fat and become what I was used to be. Any help?

    At the moment I'm using Wellbutrin 300mg/die which IIRC is similar to amphetamine so it should help loosing weight but it's 2 monts I'm on it and I don't see any results.

    EDIT: I also started doing gym since 1 month.
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    Just a quick thought and I do not know the answer but many of those drugs like Wellbutrin commonly list weight gain as a side effect. It may be that you're fighting a difficult uphill battle. Probably something you might want to check out. Good luck though! Sorry I didn't have a solution for you.
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    I know almost all meds have as side effects weight gain and even sexual disfunctions, but wellbutrin shouldn't, I read somewhere it has the same structure of the amphetamine and plus its written everywhere, even on the paper inside his box, that is not good for people who suffered from anorexia, so I should be in the right direction apparently. Apparently..
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    I broke my leg a few months ago and have been struggling with weight gain myself. Here is the only fact we need to know: you have to balance calorie intake with calorie burning. The more you eat, the more exercise you need, period. I know that mirtazapine is famous for making people constantly hungry and I also know wellbutrin is something that some people lose weight on but I think for your health overall it is best to stick to the basics of the calorie-to-exercise equation.

    I'm really struggling with the exercise part myself so I don't mean to minimize your situation. I know it can be hard to motivate yourself but it sounds like you are already on the right path with your gym workout.
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    Okay... I see what you mean, sort of.

    Have you tried changing the diet, not by the calorie intake, but by the actual foods you eat? Are they healthy and fulfilling?* A lot of this could be you addicted to the Sugars they add to food these days, because sugar is so damn addicting even if you don't believe it. Try cutting out sugars that aren't natural cane sugars, and limit those, as well as watching the amount of water you intake, that's very important in losing weight.

    I'm currently trying to lose eight as well, but that's from years of neglecting my health and not caring about anything and abusing benzos for the last three years. I would recommend asking for more help on the weight loss issues on a forum that is all about losing weight, and building your body up to it's maximum potential.

    I'm going to assume you have a Primary Care Physician, if you can, try and see if you can get some blood tests done for your thyroid or any abnormalities in your blood. I'm fairly certain I have hypothyroidism and I'm waiting for the results from my doctor about that, but it is a possibility, you never know.

    All the best,

    * Use smaller plates, psychologically it'll make you feel more full if you eat a full plate that's small over a big plate that's not full of food.
    I'm no doctor though, just trying to help you out. Please keep us updated.
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    Thanks for the support! I'll stick with the gym so let's see how it goes. By the way I already did blood exams recently and there is no thyroid problem, luckily !
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    Eat less (kcal) OP.
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    Yeah, eating the correct amount and working out regularly (every day some cardio at least) will get you back to a good weight. It takes longer for some than others, but it will work unless there is another problem (yes it's great that you don't have a thyroid issue, that's awesome. ).
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