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    New, keen, but green :) 
    Hello all- while this is my first post to this website, I registered in 2014, and on logging back in, I find myself surprised that I have had this addiction for this many years! HOW did that amount of time fly?
    So, I have been using tramadol recreationally for 4 or so years, in doses that far exceed the recommended daily limit, and I?ve decided it?s time to stop. I?ve never tried to stop this before- the stories I read here about tramadol withdrawals terrify me- but now it has to happen. I don?t have enough to safely taper down and unfortunately am not able to organise a supply to do so- so here I am, ready and open for advice, assistance, and to meet like minded souls who understand and don?t judge.

    Sorry if this is too long, I wasn?t quite sure how much info to put here! Anyway, I look forward to meeting you all.
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    Hey KJJO, welcome to Bluelight

    Perhaps asking over at Sober Living would get you some more helpful responses (if you would like this thread moved there, just ask).

    Are you certain that you can't get any medical assistance to help you out? Tramadol has similarities not only with other opioids, but antidepressants too, which may add a bit of weight to withdrawal symptoms.

    Only thing I could suggest is to try and stretch whatever tramadol you do have as far as possible to at least lower your dose somewhat before jumping off, but that's probably as obvious as it is unrealistic if your supply is limited.

    Keep us updated.
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    Hi, thank you so much for replying to me! I am currently in the process of tapering what i do have, but also keenly looking for another source to just get enough to taper my dosage properly, so that when i actually jump off, it wont be too painful.
    Im not sure if its ok to say it here, but i was utilising an online pharmacy who now unfortunately have a country wide ban on the sale of tramadol, and due to the dosages i was on, i cant obtain a prescription from anyone to assist with my tapering regime.
    Im open to suggestions, if you feel there are threads that may assist me then by all means please direct me to them

    Have a wonderful day, and thank you again!
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    Hey KJJO,

    Bluelight does not allow sourcing of anything, legal or not.

    There's a wealth of information and support in the Sober Living subforum that might be helpful to you.
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