Thread: Your Favorite Voice/Vocal Samples In Any Kind Of Electronic Track

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    Your Favorite Voice/Vocal Samples In Any Kind Of Electronic Track 
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    All genres of electronic music welcome. Please share tracks with a voice/vocal sample only. No tracks with full lyrics. You may quote the sample or just post a track without quoting. Discussion is encouraged regarding the sample.

    I guess I say both voice and vocal due to the difference between like talking and singing. Some tracks have a voice talking while I view a vocal sample as like singing but I might be totally in the wrong doing so.

    Anyways the point is to have fun and enjoy each other's company.

    You can spice things up by perhaps elaborating or sharing where the voice sample was originally taken from if you can find that out or just share the track without spicing up your post for a good old time and let one find out what is in it by pressing play.

    I will begin.

    Edit: My bad Contagion has lyrics after that first voice sample.

    Just talk about and/or share your favorite voice/vocal samples in any type of electro music I can't make it more clear than that sorry.
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    Samples the vocal Whodini - Big Mouth

    It is dime dropper! aka snitching!
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    a special track i recall hearing on the actual radio station *gasp .

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    So many to chose from.

    I really like the old piano house, even though the genre wasn't really relevant when I started clubbing and DJing. You could/still can get away with dropping some of these tunes in sets.

    I'm sure the vocal sample is from Janis Joplin - Ball & Chain

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    For just spoken vocals, here's my favourite.

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    In this track there’s a voice sample of Terrence McKenna explaining the process of smoking dmt.
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    @:45 love me some cashmere
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    Any gaming music playlist.
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    I'm not a fan at all of male lyrics, or lyrics that can be really deciphered. I like those kind of vague, trancey female vocals which mean very little and are in some kind of unknown kind of language. I really like them to be trance gated too (so say every other 1/6th or 18th bar will be ducked or missing). They tend to sound kind of mystical and sometimes like female orgasm.

    This is a good example:

    I guess I prefer the timbre and beauty of the sound, as opposed to the actual meaning/lyrics.
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