Thread: Fleshy hole next to my nipple piercing??

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    Fleshy hole next to my nipple piercing?? 
    Hey I?m new here. I?m pretty concerned rn about my nipple piercing. i got it pierced 7 months ago. on and off i?ve been fighting small infections or irritations. it might be doing just fine for a month or so and then it gets snagged or i go hot tubbing or something and bacteria freaks it out again and again. i?ve always been able to treat it just fine with SSS and/or antibiotics and get back on track with the normal healing process. but fairly recently, maybe a month ago, something of the sort of an abcsess, a cyst, or a boil or something, has grown right next to the entry hole of the piercing. some days it was more swollen, painful and a little reddish and some other days it was fairly small, not painful or red, more resembling a tiny keloid. but omggg the other day my hair got caught in my piercing and i flipped my hair out of the way, not realizing my hair was caught in it, and i snagged it SO badly. it bled a little, i started (and continue to) religiously do SSS with tea tree oil and wipe away any puss drainage. but last night when i did the SSS and was wiping away any of that drainage afterwards, i wiped away a decent sized scab that was covering the bump i mentioned earlier (abscess, boil, thing..) along with everything else and i?d put on a sports bra after that. and as the ?wound? dried, it stuck to my sports bra like glue. later on when i tried taking off my sports bra, i basically somewhat ripped out that bump from my nipple. it?s still somewhat intact but every time i do a SSS and wipe away that pussy goo with a q-tip, i?m able to move around this fleshy, goopy, bloody looking mass and see that there?s a hole forming underneath it. like if this little bump comes completely off, there would be a little hole there. it looks like the inside flesh of my nipple is protruding out - kind of resembles a blown out ear lobe from stretching your ears or something, but much smaller and it?s not exactly the piercing hole itself, but rather next to it. what once before looked like an abcsess, puss filled bubble, now just looks like this flesh ball that?s being pushed out of my nipple. i want to know if anyone else has had this sort of thing happen, what it might be, and if it?ll go away with more treatment or if i should see a piercer or a doctor or both? i don?t have any other signs of infection besides the puss every once in a while. my nipple doesn?t feel hot, it?s not red, i don?t have any fever or anything like that. it?s just this flesh ball thing and idk what to do with it.
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    Hey, welcome to Bluelight.?
    I've had my nipples pierced on 3 separate occasions, and each time I've had to remove them because I got locked up, and those are not the most cleanest of places. The last time I had to take them out i noticed it was getting infected, and last thing I wanted was to get sick and die in jail. So I saw the jail nurse, and 24 hours later they started giving me antibiotics. The nurse also lanced the bubble, and it fucking hurt. About a day later by taking the antibiotics and ib prophins, i was feeling better. Minus being in jail n shit. My advice to you is before it gets any worse go and get it checked out by a doctor. If $ is a problem then look for a state-ran health clinic, usually would have 'health care' in the name, not always tho.
    Havnt bothered to pierce them again.

    I am moving this to Healthy Living and hopefully you might get better help there.
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send me a PM. here
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